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Stories that I´ve covered as a recently-landed journalist in the Rain City

Nerve-racking Canada

With the influx of thousands of refugees from the Syrian war, everyone is wondering about the mental health services that they require.

But there are also other new Canadians in need of such services. They’ve been in need for a while now. These are economic immigrants who leave their home countries in search of better opportunities, but end up facing underemployment and experiencing threatened identities as a consequence.

I reported on this topic for over a year, in order to produce my Master’s thesis for the University of British Columbia. The full multimedia story can be found on this linkía text


Vancouver gets a taste of high-end South American cuisine

Sucking pig confit. Picture: ALTO Restaurante.

Sucking pig confit. Picture: ALTO Restaurante.

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A bike-sharing program that helps with addictions

Spoke Songs, the Downtown Eastside’s organization that promotes recovering from substance-abuse through cycling, is accepting donations of used or new bicycles.

Its director, Jonathan Orr, decided to kick-start a bike-sharing program with the idea of moving from the theory to the practice.

Orr wants to organize guided rides throughout Vancouver with people from the community who don’t have access to bicycles, and help them get better.

Here’s an audio slideshow in which he tells what drives him to foster this initiative.

Canadian cheeses: A new discovery


When interning at GuideBook magazine, we were wondering how to give coverage to the EAT! Vancouver Festival without saying the same things that have already been said.

So, I wondered about what’s going on at the Canadian cheese scene, given that the whole “buy local, eat local” has invaded the city.

My biggest surprise? That the cheese connoisseur said his biggest/greatest discovery this year is Fresk-o, a cheese made by Venezuelans living in Alberta (featured in the picture above).

Check it out




A century of tailor-made suits

Bill Wong is the owner of Modernize Tailors, an atelier founded by his father in 1913 in the middle of Chinatown.

At 92, Bill hopes to continue his father legacy. He wants to keep dressing Vancouver’s men.

Here’s the audio slideshow that my classmate Emi Sasagawa and I prepared for our journalism course at UBC.

DTES’ dudes hang out to learn about health

Dudes horizontal

This is just the teaser of the most recent multimedia piece I published in It took me about three weeks to prepare it, because I did almost all the work by myself.

It talks about an initiative in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where men get together in an informal setting (popcorn and cold drinks included) to learn about health.

To see the full article, please visit 

Dude’s Club health discussion from UBCjournalism on Vimeo.

100 faces. Venezuelans keep protests on in Vancouver

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Organized under the Vancouver-born global movement Stand Up Venezuela, over 100 Venezuelans got together on Wednesday Feb. 19 to show their support to their fellow countrymen. Sigue leyendo