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Actually, you can walk downtown in 10 minutes (seriously?!)


[This post was written by Clea Machold and Valentina Ruiz Leotaud]

It’s hard to believe that it’s our last day in Jordan. 

After celebrating World Mental Health Day (usually Oct. 10, however, delayed this year) at a five star hotel in the heart of Amman’s business district, walking some of our favourite streets seemed like a good idea.

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OMG! They keep eating! (and so do we)

Oula's breakfast

Mid-morning snack at Jabal Amman. Photo: VRL.

Ever since we arrived in Jordan, we’ve repeated this expression almost everyday, so ‘why not turn it into a blog post?’ Hala said.

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On Arabic hospitality (and kisses)

Photo by Valentina Ruiz Leotaud

Jordanian-style picnic.

Marhaba! Hello! Nice to meet you!” we hear wherever we set foot on.

Despite the fact that Clea, Hala, and I are reporting on a very serious issue, this trip to Jordan has been filled with smiles. Sigue leyendo

Syrian refugees and mental health: New York Times piece

At Zaatari Refugee Camp, the second largest in the world. December 2014.

At Zaatari Refugee Camp, the second largest in the world. December 2014. Photo: Valentina Ruiz Leotaud.

In December 2014, a team from the University of British Columbia’s International Reporting Program visited Jordan to report on the mental health situation of the more than 600,000 Syrian refugees living in the country.

I was part of that team. We spent ten days in Amman -with a short visit to Irbid- reporting on the work of Bright Future for Mental Health, an organization founded by a Syrian psychiatrist who decided to provide services to his fellow countrymen and women after fleeing the country. The organization pays special attention to the mental well-being of children, who constitute more than half of the refugee population in Jordan.

The result of that reporting trip was published on The New York Times.


I also wanted to share some of the photos I took at Za’atari Refugee Camp, the second largest in the world with a population of 80,000 men, women, and children.

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A Jordanian bookseller

For the second time in less than a year, I’m back in Jordan for a reporting trip.

I came to Amman in December 2014 as one of the fellows in UBC’s International Reporting Program. I remember that back then I kept trying to soak up every little aspect of the experience, because I was convinced that it was very unlikely for me to come back to the Middle East any time soon.

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