100 faces. Venezuelans keep protests on in Vancouver

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Organized under the Vancouver-born global movement Stand Up Venezuela, over 100 Venezuelans got together on Wednesday Feb. 19 to show their support to their fellow countrymen.

Since Feb. 12, a crisis unfolded in the Latin American country. What began as students claiming for general improvements, turned into a bigger social movement with thousands of people all around the country complaining about high crime rates, lack of food and supplies, inflation rates that reach 50 per-cent, among other situations.

In response to the demonstrations, Nicolás Maduro’s government has released the army and national police. The result of the represion is a balance of some eleven people killed, hundreds injured, and dozens in jail.

The indignation of Venezuelans living abroad, and the fear for what their families are going through, inspired them to create the aforementioned movement. “The idea is that today, at any moment, people around the world are repeating our same slogan, Stand Up Venezuela, and are doing something for our country,” said the spokesperson Laura Aveledo.

  • “Who are we?”
  • “Venezuelans!”
  • What do we want?”
  • “Freedom!”
  • “When do we want it?”
  • “Now!”

That was the slogan shouted over and over again, to gain Vancouverites’ attention. Using those words, according to Aveledo, also aimed to signify that the movement is independent and isn’t related to any political party.

“We are asking everybody to stand up for human rights, separation of powers, and justice in Venezuela,” added Aveledo.

Fort McMurray, Montreal, Portland, Oklahoma, Houston, Charlotte, Vienna, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Bucaramanga, among other cities also stood up.



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